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About Us

Think Commerce Group (TCG) produces and monetizes digital lifestyle content for cross-platform audiences. Launched in June, 2012, our digital lifestyle content company focuses on three verticals: Food, Travel and Culture, with brands CelebrityChef.tv, CelebrityTravel.tv, TravelBIG.com and ThinkContra.com that reach approximately 10 million monthly users. TCG utilizes multiple platforms to reach targeted audiences and create opportunities for users, advertisers, premium publishers and merchants. Through rich editorial content and original video production, TCG is paving the way for online publishers.

Chefs are the new rockstars, restaurants the new Broadway

Chefs are the new Rockstars, restaurants the new Broadway, and CelebrityChef.tv is your ticket to a front row seat for every performance. We take you to meet the top chefs creating culinary works of art both inside and outside of their kitchens. Then, we show you how it’s done. Our easy-to-follow recipe videos will make you the star chef of your home. User-friendly insider city guides will help you find where to dine for any occasion. And for those who just want a good cup of coffee, we give you the guidance you need on where to go, what to order and how to ask for it. CelebrityChef.tv has something for everyone, from hardcore foodies to friends in search of a good meal, to those looking to be where the food action is, and even those who like to stay at home and be their own celebrity chef.

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Everyone should have a
BIG adventure

Whether you’re looking for your next relaxation destination or catching up with the latest in urban exploration, TravelBIG’s got you covered. We’re dedicated to creating content designed to let you see the world as a traveler, not a tourist. From exclusive videos to insight from seasoned globetrotters, we’re here to help map out your next BIG trip.TravelBIG reaches an audience that ranges from savvy explorers to leisure vacationers and everyone in between. We know what’s up with the latest hot spots. We’ve got the lowdown on the hidden gems. We’re here to spark your wanderlust and set a fire under your feet to get you moving.

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Without the Hollywood price tag

You don’t have to be a celebrity to travel like one. CelebrityTravel.tv is the aspiring jetsetter’s guide to globetrotting like the rich and famous. We find the hottest destinations on the map right now, and show you where A-listers dine, drink, relax and explore once the G-5 wheels touch down. Then, we take you there. You can share quarters with these celebrities, but on your budget. CelebrityTravel.tv follows your favorite stars around the globe so we can help you have the celebrity experience without the Hollywood price tag. Whether it’s a transcontinental trip, an exotic island getaway or a transatlantic voyage, we’ve got the scoop on how they would do it. Stop living vicariously through the celebrity set, and pack your bags. Our paparazzi-worthy travel style tips will help you look the part, too.

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Discover, Decide & Live

Think CONTRA both defines and follows cultural pioneers, giving readers a space to discover, decide and live. The current concepts, creative icons and emerging artists that catch the discerning CONTRA eye inspire us to think out loud with abandon. Our editorial team continuously shares fervent insight into fresh topics in fashion, music, art, literature and today’s culture, serving as a creative hub for an information-hungry generation. A conversational approach makes Think CONTRA an accessible window into the fashion, arts and culture scene for a wide range of ages.

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Research show that 78% of online adults watch videos, while this number jumps to 87% for online adults with household income of $75,000 or more. TCG is a leading digital content producer for advertisers, publishers and bloggers looking to target these households, expand their reach and maximize their revenue. TCG's cross-platform lifestyle content delivers high value media solutions, and can integrate your brand throughout our original content. For advertising opportunities, contact us at [email protected]